Aging has two components, our outside and our inside. Outside means how we look and how we appear to others. Inside is actually more important because it has to do with how we internally function. Our internal health is truly what gives us that vibrant outward appearance.

Our Anti-Aging Center zeroes in on both aspects.

The inside part embodies:
1. Chiropractic and posture. How well our nervous system functions and how we hold ourselves up against gravity is primary in staying youthful.
2. Dealing with stress – utilizing time proven universal law. Stress kills. Drugless methods are taught in my office to change our perceptions of stress so we may have an ageless purpose. We do this using “The Collapse Process”.
3. Fitness. At Ultimate Strength Studio next door we train our patients/clients in an ingenious manner. High intensity, slow motion, and for short periods of time. This method prevents injury, builds strength, increases metabolism, increases bone density, and reestablishes your youthful physique.
4. Sleep and rest. Many issues can affect our sleeping patterns; however, how we deal with stress is foremost. We want to find where the stress begins and how to change our perceptions of stress. Only then can one get a good night sleep.
5. Nutrition. We take pride in coaching our patients to the best nutritional program utilizing different plans per patient. We use cutting edge anti-aging supplements that key into the genetic reasons as to why people age. Scientists as of 2004 have discovered all the genes of the human body. We also know the genes that express themselves in the aging process. Our supplements are natural botanicals which have been clinically proven to oppose the genes of aging. The results are phenomenal.

The outside part of aging has to do with the care of your skin.
1. We use anti aging skin products genetically designed to increase the elastin below the skin. The result is a firmness below the skin that mimics the skin of someone in their twenties. A must see to believe.