How it works


Pain and sickness are strictly the result of one’s inability to heal.  It is not a question of what you have; it is more a question of “why aren’t you healing.”  After all, when you heal the pain or illness goes away.

I believe that ultimately our bodies heal from inside out, not outside in.  It is our force of life, sometimes called an innate intelligence, which heals us.  Since that true healing energy travels from the brain down the spinal cord, out through the vertebra and into the body via the nervous system, the nervous system becomes the hub of true healing.

For this reason, whether a patient has low back pain or a severe internal disease, chiropractic and it’s emphasis on releasing nerve pressure becomes paramount.  My office uses the most sophisticated corrective technique in chiropractic, the Blair technique. (Link within website under scientific chiropractic)

Along with spinal health, mental attitude is critical.  Every cell of the body hears what we think.  It is our design.  How we perceive stress has all to do with our body’s well being. We teach our patients the “Quantum Collapse Process” to override any perceived stress.

Sleep and rest go with spinal alignment and stress management.  If one is in pain due to a pinched or irritated nerve and or stressed about something in their life, a good night’s sleeping becomes impossible.  Without the proper amount of sleep one can never heal to their optimum.

These laws of nature are 80% of the health, healing and anti-aging equation.

1. Spinal alignment

2. Stress and mental attitude

3. Sleep and rest

Fitness and nutrition are the physical sides for setting the stage for healing.

Our incredible training protocol at Ultimate Strength Studio (next door) separates us from any mass oriented gym (e.g. 24 hour fitness). We use state of the art medex machines made specifically for slow motion weight bearing movements. High-intensity, slow motion timed sets to fatigue are the secrets to gaining strength, muscle shape, stamina, and pure health.

Everyone’s nutritional needs are different. We cater diets from Paleo to Blood type diets all geared to have our patients achieve their highest health potential.

Cutting edge methods of testing for antioxidants levels using computerized, non-invasive spectroscopy give us a so called ” lie detector” picture of where you stand regarding your present diet and supplements.

If a patient needs nutritional supplements, the products we use are natural based and address the nutritional deficiencies so often seen in our modern American day diet.

In addition we are now using specific botanicals used to oppose your genetic tendency toward aging and weight gain. All these products have been clinically proven to work.

At Scientific Chiropractic fitness and anti-aging center we set the stage for healing, feeling great and looking your best.  We do this by getting you in balance with the laws of nature.

1. Spinal alignment

2. Mental attitude

3. Sleep and rest

4. Exercise

5. Nutrition

Once in balance your body will have no choice but to heal like you always knew it should.

I look forward to meeting you

In good health,

Dr. Ray