Optimum health is what we all want. Our ability to work, study, and play are all governed by how much energy we have and how we feel. For energy, most people take stimulants such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, or chocolate (all have caffeine). For pain or diseases most people take a variety of drugs. Do these approaches really make us healthy? Not really.

These approaches only disguise the symptom or disease while the underlying problem remains or gets worse.

Optimum health is the feeling of having the physical and mental edge. Optimum health is the ability to heal consistently from injuries and sickness. Optimum health is what our bodies are supposed to have!

My intention as your chiropractor is to release your healing power from the blocked areas in your spine.

I specialize in painless, specific adjustments to correct the misaligned vertebras (vertebral subluxation) which are blocking your life force from reaching the cells in your body. The life force is truly your internal wisdom from within, the doctor inside of you, the life spark.

Power in business and physical beauty are only possible when one has a spine and nervous system that is functioning properly.

My patients have that edge. My business people are successful, have a great mental attitude and are not strung out on medications.  My female patients have a glow about them, not the grey complexion from side effects of drugs.

Tell your family and friends about our office.
– Painless specific upper cervical Blair adjustment techniques
– Computerized thermography to identify areas of nerve block
– Reduced x-ray exposure using high speed x-ray film and equipment
– NASA computerized adjusting for seniors and specific cases
– No yearly contracts
– Every case is individualized
– Children have a discounted fee
– 35 years of experience in Escondido from a dedicated doctor

If you have read this far I believe that you have the mental prowess. Most people who are into instant gratification fall into a medical approach. Families whom think about their future health seek out chiropractic.  High performers in life go regularly to a chiropractor.

“Chiropractic is the greatest profession in the world”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger-

Jack Lalanne, 94 years of age, he was a chiropractor (I bet you didn’t know that!)

Joe Montana on the day of the 1988 Super Bowl said, “If it wasn’t for chiropractic
I would be out of football.” He went on to win that year and play another 6 years.

Read what some of my patients have to say:

“Since being under chiropractic care I don’t have severe pain all over my body, my constant headaches are gone and I don’t need to wear eyeglasses anymore.  I used to be legally blind without my eyeglasses.”
-Mari G. Age 23

“My headaches were gone within 2 weeks and  I realized that my arm and feet aches were gone too.”
-Georgette V. age 82

Chiropractic has been here since 1895. My office has a refined technique of spinal correction that is painless and miraculously effective.

The cost of care is minuscule compared to what you pay for health insurance and all the other uncovered costs of drugs and surgery.

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