About X Ray

For those of you who may be concerned about x-ray exposure in the analysis of your spine...

1) One Cat scan exposure of the neck and head is equivalent to over 400 neck x-rays in a row.
2) X-ray is a natural occurring part of the spectrum of light from the sun. Therefore our human systems are equipped to neutralize much of the x-ray exposure, unlike chemicals made in a lab which do not occur in nature.
3) There is convincing evidence that the levels of x-ray used in my office are not harmful, and may even be beneficial. I would not have believed this 10 years ago, but some major conservative universities are finding that we in temperate climates are not receiving enough x-ray from the sun. The result is that our immune systems are not activated enough on an ongoing basis necessary to deal with cancer (carcinogen) producing chemicals and other environmental exposures.

Please read this study out of the University of Missouri, done by Dr. T.D. Luckey (PHD in Biochemistry).
It is very interesting for those of you who have been scared of x-ray as I have been.

Dr. Rickards