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Marie M.:

For many years, I had vertigo with really bad headaches that I was taking medication for. After a few treatments my headaches went completely away. I am happy I no longer have to take medication for the headaches.

Mike B.:

I had major pain in my left leg from my hip to my foot. I work construction. For the past twenty-five years I have been on my feet eight hours a day; I tried to relieve my problem with ibuprofen -- forget about that! When i saw Dr. Ray's flyer, I thought, why not? So i signed up, now the rest is history. The pain is gone and I can't wait to go to the chiropractor! Thank you, Dr. Rickards!

Imelda M.:

After stopping work as a care-giver, for over a year I had neck pain, low and mid back pain, and was tired all the time. I was also trying to get pregnant for about a year with no results. Within one to two weeks after my first adjustment, the miracle happened! I got pregnant! I feel great now, relaxed, and have energy. I get a good night's rest.

Darmin John R.:

Persistent numbness in my upper left leg and pain in my left foot were my complaints. I felt sort of "outta whack". After five visits and treatments with Dr. Rickards, the pain in my left foot disappeared and there's no more numbness anywhere in my body! From now on it's prevention and maintenance; after all, I do it with my autos- I should do it myself!

Lisa C.:

I suffered from backache, acid reflux, colitis, potassium loss, allergies, and depression. I have always been trying different ways to heal myself of all my ailments. I always came back to more med's... until I came to see Dr. Rickards! I no longer need allergy pills! Tests showing blood in my colon for years now show that the blood is no longer there! My back feels good! My reflux is less and i take ten potassium tablets a day instead of thirty! I feel like I am finally healing!

Tim R.:

I had migraine headaches, backaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. I would have severe migraines during the week, poor sleep and I couldn't work on the computer. Since seeing Dr. Ricakrds, my migraines are gone! I sleep great! And, I have very little pain from the carpal tunnel.

Cheryl S.:

From age thirteen, I have always suffered form allergies, asthma, and painful menstrual cycles. Two years ago, I began to have low back pain on and off. Now I have no lower back pain. I have not used my inhaler in the past year and my menstrual cycles are no longer painful. My allergies have only been bad twice in the past year! Thank you!

Esther G.:

My major complaint was sciatica that would cause pain from my hip to the ankle. Over the years, I had experienced lower back muscle spasms that I occasionally treated with drugs. After my first treatment I felt some amazing relief! And now I am free of pain and feel GREAT!... Without drugs!

Nick G.:

I was experiencing chronic sciatica and leg pain with cramps. I had gone to other chiropractors for four months and had been given three opinions for spinal fusion. I came to Dr. Rickards as a last resort, trying to avoid surgery, I am now greatly improved and haven't missed any work. The symptoms are almost gone!

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