Your Gift of Health

Do you believe we are supposed to heal?

If you cut yourself, break a bone, eat something bad, and get the flu… what are your chances of healing? Pretty darn good. In fact I would say close to 100% of the time.

The human internal design and our divine spark of life which makes this design functional is truly beyond our comprehension.

Think about having the flu. Unusually one has a period of fatigue, a period of fever and a period of coughing up mucus. The first stage of fatigue is so we are forced to rest; the second stage of fever is crucial because bacteria cannot survive over 99 degrees; the third stage is the coughing up stage which is necessary to eliminate the resultant debris of a well fought battle against the bacteria.

There is a miraculous innate intelligence within the body that is God-like… The body has defense systems, backup defense systems, and more backup systems all designed to survive us through a long and glorious life.

My most difficult job in my practice is making people realize that the greatest doctor is their own ability to heal...

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