What is Chiropractic?

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Chiropractic is many things: a philosophy… a science… an art. The foundation upon which it is built is the realization that health is the body’s normal state, and good health is perfectly natural.

Chiropractic holds that the body possesses a unique internal wisdom that continually strives to maintain it in a state of good health. It is this innate, instinctive intelligence which controls our heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline production, and other vital bodily functions. It is also the guiding force which allows our body to adapt naturally to the influences of internal and external environments.

To a great extent, the ability of the body to maintain good health is dependent on its ability to adapt to the environment. Ensuring this capability is one of nature’s most remarkable communication networks- the nervous system comprised of the brain, the spine, and the nerves.

The brain sends mental impulses to each of the more than 100 trillion cells in the body, instructing them on how to function properly. At the same time, each part of the body is sending the brain information based on its internal and external environment at that moment.

As the brain receives and processes this information, it sends out revised commands so that the body will adequately respond to its surroundings and maintain the optimum level of good health.

These mental impulses are transmitted to and from the brain via nerves passing through the spine. Vertebrae in the spine can—and frequently do—become misaligned and interfere with the body’s natural communication process. These misalignments, called subluxations, cause messages transmitted over the spine to become garbled, modified, or diminished. As a result, the body’s response is inadequate to adapt properly.

As the natural ability to adapt and respond to its environment is reduced, the body’s ability to respond to challenges to its health is likewise reduced and poor health results.

Chiropractic seeks to identify and analyze subluxations. Whenever possible, the doctor of chiropractic reopens the body’s natural communication network by adjusting the misaligned spinal segment back into its correct position. With nerve function improved, bodily processes are permitted to become more normal and the body is better able to return to its natural striving toward good health.

Chiropractic’s concern, then, is with the correction of subluxation. Its aim is to ensure that the body’s natural health-ensuring processes are allowed to function without nerve interference due to misaligned vertebra. It does not provide “sickness” care or “disease” care– it provides HEALTH CARE.

As a philosophy, chiropractic recognizes that the body has a natural ability to express its health potential to the fullest.

As a science, chiropractic deals with the relationship between the spinal segments and the nerve system, and the effect that relationship has on the body’s innate ability to express and maintain its good health.

As an art, chiropractic entails knowledge, skill and dexterity to locate and correct subluxations that can rob the body of the ability to maintain its own health.

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