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Let’s all get Healthy Together!

I often hear of a celebrity, politician, or even a distant relative having a grave illness or even dying. What happened? They seemed so young or healthy. We don’t really know what kind of life that person lived. We can blame their demise on unfortunate disease, bad luck, or poor genetics, but I feel there is more to it than that. Some of our blocks to having a long, healthy life are as follows: Prescription Medications Side effects of drugs The false feeling that they are doing something for their disease and therefore don’t have to worry about changing their [...]


Proud to be a Chiropractic Patient

The original scientist and developer of chiropractic was B.J. Palmer. From 1912 to 1962 he wrote 37 volumes on health, research and philosophy. His friends and contemporaries were Thomas Edison, President Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, and many other dignitaries. I believe he is one of our great American heroes so it's safe to say that any Escondido chiropractic care provider looks up to him in many ways. In his book, The Bigness of the Fellow Within, he writes: THIS INNER POWER SPEAKS WE CHIROPRACTORS work with the subtle substance of the soul.  We release the prisoned impulse, the tiny rivulet [...]


So, what is all the fuss about my upper neck?

The atlas and axis are the technical names of the upper two vertebra in the neck. The top vertebra is called the atlas. Just as the Greek God, Atlas, held up the world, the atlas of the spine holds up the head. The axis gets its name from the axis of the earth since seventy percent of the rotation of the head occurs at the axis vertebra. Consider the weight of the head, at eight to ten pounds, and that these two top vertebrae are held to the head by only ligaments—the result is a very vulnerable joint to injury. [...]


Replace Drugs with Health

Drugs do not heal anyone. What drugs can do is stimulate, suppress or replace the action of an organ or system of the body. An example would be someone having asthma. Usually a steroid is used. A steroid is a hormone that we normally produce under a physical or mental stress. These steroids are normally produced from the adrenal glands, which in turn stimulate the sympathetic (fight/flight) nervous system. The asthmatic patient doesn’t produce enough steroids to deal with the physical or mental stress, resulting in an asthmatic attack. Does the steroid help the patient? Yes, yes, yes. Does the [...]


The Big Idea

A Thought from the Developer of Chiropractic A slip on the snowy sidewalk, in winter, is a small thing. It happens to millions. A fall from a ladder, in the summer is a small thing. It also happens to millions. The slip or fall produces a subluxation. The subluxation is a small thing. The pressure cuts off the flow of mental impulses. That decreased flowing is a small thing.  That decreased flowing produces a dis-eased body and brain. That is a big thing to that man. Multiply that sick man by a thousand, and you control the physical and mental [...]


The Dirty Little Secret

Every profession, whether they be dentists, doctors, attorneys, realtors, contractors etc. etc. have business building seminars available to them. Chiropractors and Blair Upper Cervical specialists are no exception.  I have attended some over the 40 years of practice and I will let you in on the “dirty little secret” that is promoted in most of these seminars. “It doesn’t matter what corrective technique you do to the patient --- All that matters is that you have intention.” Hmmmmm. This statement is false, but caters to the young inexperienced doctor, the overly financially ambitious doctor or maybe just a burnt-out doctor.  [...]


The Hub

When one thinks of wellness care, Escondido chiropractic therapy comes to mind. In fact, most integrative holistic centers utilize their Chiropractor as its director. Why?  Think for just a moment about the human body. The brain and the spinal cord are the only two internal organs that are directly located within the midline of the body. The brain then the spinal cord are the first systems to show up in a developing embryo from which all tissues and organs grow from. The brain and spinal cord control function, adaptation, and healing of every living tissue in the human body. As [...]


The Question of Fever

We have all been raised thinking a fever is bad and we need to lower the fever. In some circles, people even believe a high fever can cause brain damage. For those who are fearful of fevers, listen up! Before going to Chiropractic College and becoming a chiropractor in Escondido, I was a microbiology major at the University of Long Beach State. In the lab section, we would grow disease causing bacteria in the little “petri” dishes with a nutrient gelatin. The stipulation for the bacteria to grow was that these petri dishes, with the bacteria swabbed from our own [...]


The Truth: A quote from the founder of chiropractic: B.J. Palmer

“WE CHIROPRACTORS work with the subtle substance of the soul.  We release the prisoned impulse, the tiny rivulet of force that emanates from the mind and flows over the nerves to the cells and stirs them into life. We deal with the magic power that transforms common food into living, loving, thinking clay; that robes the earth with beauty, and hues the scents to flowers with the glory of the air. In the dim, dark, distant long ago, when the sun first bowed to the morning star, this power spoke and there was life; it quickened the slime of the [...]


Migraine Care 101: Learning the Triggers and Getting a Solution

No one wants to have a migraine. This is a debilitating condition that prevents you from doing even the simplest daily task. If you have searched for this topic online, you must be eager to find quick relief. Avoiding your triggers and seeking the help of a chiropractor for migraine near Escondido, CA can surely benefit you, and we will explain more about that in this post. Migraine Symptoms You can tell a day or two ahead of time when a migraine is about to come on if you feel depressed or cranky, restless or nervous, very happy or extremely [...]


A Lesson in Logic

          If one were to dislocate their finger, it would be necessary to set it back into its normal position.  If the finger is sprained and looked a little crooked, you would still want to set it to its normal alignment.  In both cases after it was set, a splint would be applied.           The reasoning for the above treatment is to make sure the finger heals straight and that the joint can function normally in the future.           It is common practice under medical treatment to minimize [...]


A Fresh Start Every Day

As human beings, we have two systems of energy. These systems are an electrical system and a combustion system. Our electrical system is our divine system, the spark of life. This energy is what flows from our brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves connecting to every cell in our body. In fact, if you were to strip away all the cells from your body, and only leave the nerves, you would still be able to recognize yourself. The other energy system of the body is our combustion system. This system has to do with the food we eat. As [...]


Be Yourself

There is a potential in you that can only come true if you are being yourself. When you achieve your highest potential, you have no competition. It is your unique factor that you have groomed and joyfully pursued. Our body is our vehicle in this life. Being yourself requires you to be present in every pain and joy. Contrast is how we find our way to our true bliss. Erasing pain with drugs or anything aside from healing is a cover-up. The physical and mental pains are our greatest compasses to finding ourselves. The best doctor will create the setting [...]