Neck Pain

How to Stop and Avoid “Tech Neck”

Technology comes at a price, and for your body, that could mean experiencing tech neck. Whether for work or play, our overdependence of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices has resulted in the rising prevalence of neck pain and new neck issues. Not surprisingly, a new term exists that pertains to the neck pain and problems that develop from excessive technology use – tech neck. The Dangers of Too Much Tech for Your Neck Using smartphones or any technology too much puts your neck at risk. Looking down at your phone or tablet requires the neck to be stuck in [...]


5 Neck Pain Sources, 1 Effective Solution

At one time or another, neck pain has gotten the best of almost everyone.  In many cases, neck pain can be attributed to a certain event like a sports injury, car accident, or chalked up to something simple like sleeping in a funny position.  For some people, their neck pain becomes a chronic and nagging part of their everyday life that they’re forced to cope with. Neck pain can occur for many reasons, but most commonly arises as a result of: Wear and tear from repetitive motion Concussion Whiplash injury Falls Contact sports Where is my Neck Pain Originating From? [...]